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Let’s give the smallest among us the biggest dreams

We believe in a world where all children have the freedom to dream and the ability to realize their full potential. Research shows that when children are deprived of the chance to explore professions, they begin to reduce their dreams for themselves by six years old because of stereotypes around gender, race/ethnicity, neurodiversity, or physical ability.

There is a need to redefine what’s possible for all pupils in Wales. Our children need the chance to explore dynamic future career opportunities from an early age through role models who can inspire them.


Will you help our nation’s pupils discover hidden role models inside and outside of their community? Will you join us in giving the smallest among us the biggest dreams – and the knowledge, tools and beliefs to reach them?


Watch the video to learn more about Romodels. Together, we can shape the changemakers and trailblazers of the future!


How  Can You Help ?

To reach half a million children by 2027, Romodels needs your support to expand the diversity of our Romodels and provide tailored resources for children across Wales and beyond.  Your support propels our mission forward, transforming the educational journey for children who need it the most. 


Support a child

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Give a gift of opportunity to expand a pupil’s career possibilities and aspirations for the future. With a donation of £10, you will enable Romodels to reach one pupil for one year


Adopt a Classroom

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Foster a haven of learning and career discovery for young minds. Your gift of £250 equips one classroom with the Romodels curriculum for one year


Empower a School


Redefine what’s possible for pupils in an entire school. Your generous donation of £1000 will give hundreds of pupils access to the Romodels curriculum for one year.

Be a Role Model. Choose Your Impact ​

Your support is what will make Romodels possible. Make a one-time donation or carve a brighter future for pupils for decades to come by establishing a recurring gift to sustain our collective dream.

Make a donation

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Partnering With Us

Romodels will continue to expand its curriculum to broaden the number of careers pupils can discover and experience. This is only possible with the support of foundations, corporates and individual sponsors.


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Sponsor a Romodel

Showcase your corporate ethos of giving back by opening up career possibilities and sponsoring a Romodel from your field of work or another field that you want children to discover.

  • Have your brand featured as the sponsor of this Romodel, earning recognition for your support in bringing career discovery to thousands of primary-aged learners in your community.

  • Receive social media posts from us recognising your contribution.


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Sponsor a Theme  

Stand out as a beacon of corporate social responsibility. Your sponsorship will bring a theme to life through an everyday object, expanding the career possibilities and opportunities for primary children to experience.

  • Nominate a Romodel from within your organization to feature in our curriculum.

  • Join our advisory board to help bring the theme to life.

  • Have your brand featured as the sponsor of this theme, gaining recognition for your support across Wales.

  • Benefit from multiple social media posts from us about your partnership as we launch the new theme.

Join The Mission

 If you're passionate about the vision and mission of Romodels, join us in making it a reality. Your support can help us shape a brighter future for thousands of children

Our Supporters 

We are incredibly grateful for their unwavering support and commitment to inspiring the next generation of changemakers and trailblazers . Your generosity has made a significant impact in a short period of time for children across Wales.  Your belief in our mission fuels our daily efforts and inspires us to continue our work with renewed vigor.

Thank you for being a crucial part of our journey and for believing in the power of change.

Together, we are making a difference!
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Get Involved!

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Let us inspire learners across your school to dream bigger.
Let us enable the children  in your life to create a future for themselves where any career is possible.

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