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Girl dreaming of being a female film director

Our Purpose

Empowering learners to Discover, Experience and Believe in a future of endless career possibilities, regardless of their own lived experiences.

We enable them to become change-makers and trailblazers in an ever-changing world.

The Challenge

You can't be what you don't see...

Many children only imagine the roles in their day to day lives, not all the exciting possibilities in an ever-changing world.

By age 6, research shows that children further reduce their dreams for themselves because of stereotypes regarding gender, race/ethnicity, neurodiversity, or physical ability. 

New Reality.png

Our Solution

We immerse learners from an early age and give them the chance to explore a plethora of future career opportunities.


We do this through an innovative online learning resource for schools that enables primary-aged learners (ages 3-11) to discover, experience and believe in a future of career possibilities through seeing and interacting with trailblazing “Romodels” (real-life role models who are doing incredible jobs in the real world).

Sam Marine Ecologist role model

Real life
Role Models

Learners are introduced to 21st century careers - innovative and hidden professions in sectors of growth. Schools don’t have to develop deep industry knowledge to prepare their learners for the future.

Young Girl Engineer

Missions tailored 
to learners

Teachers can focus less on planning and more on personalisation as our approach enables them to customise content aligned with the Curriculum for Wales, integrating real-life content and tailoring it to learners' individual progression level. 

Female Engineer

It could
be me

Learners can see themselves in the Romodels as they come from all walks of life. Their stories help learners develop a belief in themselves and to understand what it might take to have that role in the future. 

You can't be what you don't see  

Without role models

Without Romodels

World with role models

With Romodels

 We take learners on a journey of career exploration and self-discovery.  It is an opportunity for learners to discover hidden Romodels inside and outside of their community.  It is a chance to give the smallest among us the biggest dreams – and the knowledge, tools, and beliefs to reach them.

“What an amazing opportunity for young people in the locality to learn about a range of professions whilst also fitting into the new curriculum and offering a range of learning experiences. The young people in my school would greatly benefit from Romodels, ensuring that gender stereotypes are not only addressed but perhaps broken. We can’t wait to trial it with our children, allowing them to have hands on experiences and promoting aspirations. Our area is in one of the most deprived in Wales and I cannot stress enough how these role models could influence my learners futures! We are very excited."

Ruth, Headteacher. 

Let us inspire pupils across your school to dream bigger.
Let us enable the children in your life to create a future for themselves where any career is possible.

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