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The Idea

We were compelled to create Romodels because we began to see children in our own lives limit their aspirations.
It all started with a conversation ……..

 It is moments like these that can change the trajectory of a child’s life.

Our research 

We realised from surveying educational professionals and other parents/ caregivers that this wasn’t a one-off incident and it was by chance that she had a farmer in her network of friends. So, Laura decided to bring together key experts from across her networks to create a new opportunity for children across Wales and hopefully in the future beyond.

95% of education professional  and parent/ caregivers believe their children would benefit from a Romodels learning experience.
85% of education professional and parent/ caregivers believe they want their children to learn about structural inequities.

Who are we? 

We are the people who ensure all children dream of their own possible future careers.

Romodels is driven by a dynamic team of experts and trustees with diverse knowledge and skills. With a strong foundation in education, careers, research, technology, marketing, finance, and product development, we're passionate about ensuring all children thrive. Together, we're ready to change the reality for primary children across the country, making our journey exciting and full of potential. 

Laura for Web.png

Laura Labonne 


Over 15 years of experience as part of leading education institutions advising governments and startups in over 25 countries.

Her love of research ensures we are building a strong evidence-based lens into our work.

Emily Web.png

Emily Jones 


Award winning children’s book illustrator.

Her illustrations have brought stories to life for theatres, education institutions and authors across the country.

Eshan for web.png

Dr Eshan Parikh 


Recently completed a PhD at Cardiff University in Creative and Critical Writing.

Experienced screenwriter, content creator and film scholar.

Chris for web.png

Chris Jones 


Over 15 years experience of working in English medium schools in postcodes with high levels of deprivation.

Member of the school's Senior Leadership Team.

Katie for Web.png

Katie Jenkins 


Over 10 years experience of working in Welsh medium schools in postcodes with high levels of deprivation.

Member of the school's Senior Leadership Team.

Kim grouped_edited.jpg

Kim Shann


Experienced consultant with expertise in high-value philanthropy, fundraising, and campaign strategies. Dedicated to empowering charities to maximize their impact.

Cate for Web.png

Cate Noble 


Advised multiple organizations in shaping and accelerating their work to make a difference through education.

Led a large foundation as well as playing senior roles in charities, commercial, and government organisations across the education sector.

James for web.png

James Darley 


Widely recognised by his sector as a leading expert in graduate recruitment, so an expert in what young people need to do to get the jobs they want.

Part of the Governments National Leadership Programme for the top 100 leaders in the Public Sector.

Sara for web.png

Sara Piteira


In depth experience of the social innovation sector.

Helped start-ups to build strong partnerships with corporates, governments, and universities across 30 + countries.


Dr Kerry - Ann Holder 


Consultant Clinical Psychologist with expertise in children's physical health and wellbeing. She is also a passionate advocate for gender and racial equality. 

Dafina .jpg

Dr Dafina Paca 


A university lecturer passionate about equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) and committed to recognising and dismantling systemic and structural inequalities and barriers to accessing education and healthcare.


Dr Alyson Lewis 


Lecturer in Education Development , with expertise in early childhood and  ensuring that teacher professional development is research and evidence informed. 

 The beliefs that guide us

We believe all children, regardless of their background, have the ability to realise their full potential.


We believe, that as a nation, it is our job to embolden a generation of children who are dreamers and doers -- who believe in their ability to grow and adapt to an ever-evolving world and who see themselves as leaders from an early age.


We believe it is only possible to unlock our learners’ full potential if we inspire them with role models they can relate to, provide them with an immersive journey of exploration of 21st-century career possibilities and build their belief in themselves.


This is why we created Romodels.

Let us inspire learners across your school to dream bigger.
Let us enable the children in your life to create a future for themselves where any career is possible.

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