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Become a Romodels School

Our online learning platform equips schools with:

An easy way to introduce learners to 21st century careers

Innovative and hidden professions in sectors of growth. Schools don’t have to develop deep industry knowledge to prepare their learners for the future.

A personalised experience to help children learn and grow 

Teachers can focus less on planning and more on personalisation because our program enables them to incorporate real-life experiential learning opportunities, leveraging content aligned with the Curriculum for Wales and tailored to their children's' individual learning level.

Tools to build their learners’ belief in themselves 

Our Learner Reflection Guides to help children recognise their strengths and identify what it might take to become that Romodel in the future.

" In every child lies the seed of aspiration, Romodels has given our children the knowledge and the belief that they can achieve whatever they want, because they can see possible pathways to their successful futures. They have boundless potential and Romodels has just started to open doors to them giving them some direction to aim for. We are looking forward to seeing even more Romodels that we can further widen the children's experience of positive role models and vocations."

Lisa, Year 6 Teacher

Join the pilot 

We already have 15 schools across 10 Local Authorities in Wales participating in our free pilot program. We are actively seeking an additional 6-8 schools to join from September 2024, with a particular interest in Welsh medium schools and schools in North Wales joining

Our Romodels Learning portal currently has one Romodel from each of our first four themes Bees, climate change, football and plastic waste.   
  • Plastic Waste-Sam G, a Marine Ecologist working internationally to campaign against plastic waste.

  • Bees - Miss Davies, Emmanuel, Liv and Abigail, Beekeepers from Llanishen Fach Primary School. 

  • Football- Saffron a Referee and Football Executive helping others to play football safely and fairly.

  • Climate Change- Sam C, Founder of the one of the first carbon neutral footwear brand making trainers from recycled plastic.


By September, we will also launch our Technology theme, featuring two Welsh-speaking brothers, Morgan and Bleddyn, who are engineers. They are 3D-printing surfboards from biodegradable materials to reduce the number ending up in landfills. We are also actively fundraising for themes on creatives and overcoming barriers. 

Romodels  Learning Portal 

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Lead the Way

Will you be one of the innovative schools who join our free pilot?

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Who are we looking for ? 

To participate, we are looking for schools that:


  • Teach pupils aged 3-11 and are located in Wales.

  • Believe in all students’ potential regardless of their background.

  • Want to increase children’s aspirations & self-belief by immersing them in the exploration of dynamic, 21st-century careers.

  • Are committed to creating a more sustainable future for students.

  • Have at least 5 teachers who are willing to incorporate Romodels into their classroom planning and instruction for one term.

  • Are willing to gather data and share observations to help Romodels evaluate the full impact of its learning approach.

If your school is passionate about creating a world where all children have the freedom to dream and the ability to realise their full potential, sign up to receive more information.

Join now for free

Thank you we will be in touch shortly.

Let us inspire learners across your school to dream bigger.
Let us enable the children in your life to create a future for themselves where any career is possible.

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